Sunday, June 16, 2013

Welcome Baby and Father's Day

I have missed blogging!  Things have been a bit busy lately in the Karkow house.  Since Camden's arrival there has been little time for typing.  As I type now, he is nestled in his boppy, next to me on my couch, and I am blogging while holding my breath, stopping only to pop his paci back in.  Determined to get this post out today--because today is Father's Day!

I have SO many ideas for posts, but felt this one had to make it out there before I give any attention to my other thoughts.  Camden's arrival.  Our little miracle.
Camden Jesse Karkow
January 18, 2013 8 lb. 7 oz. 20.5 inches

Having done it twice without an epidural, I knew I could do it again, but I also knew of the excruciating pain that would come.  As we drove to the hospital, I remember saying, "I am so excited we are going to meet our little guy soon, but I can't stop thinking about how much it's going to hurt!  You just get to look forward to watching him be born ."  I'll never forget the next words to come out of my man's mouth.  

"I have to watch someone I love be in pain, and I can't do a thing about it.  That's harder than being in pain myself."

We like to make offhand comments like, "It's a good thing women have the babies, because men could never survive the pain of childbirth," or "There'd be a lot of only children in this world if men were the ones to give birth."  But I choose to believe that labor may have been harder on my husband than on me.  He stood by my side through the yelling and thrashing.  There may have even been some grabbing of skin as my hands flew around, grasping onto anything I could, in sheer pain.  When I mentioned that I was pretty sure I pinched him hard he said he didn't even remember.  But I can never forget the glistening of tears in his eyes when he looked at me and said, "He's out and he's perfect."  Those moments I relived for days.  And they were so sweet I can still remember like it was yesterday.

I'll also never forget our doctor coming into the room the next morning and seeing Justin holding baby Camden while I slept.  He said that he didn't see that too often.  

Happy Father's Day, Justin.  You. are. amazing.  And I have fallen in love with you a little more each time we have added to our family.  Thank you for loving our little guys so much.

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