Friday, November 2, 2012


life rearranged
Our week in iphone pics... 

It's NOVEMBER!!!  That means I had to write December on my white board calendar (I keep two months going at a time in an effort to stay organized)!!!  So hard to believe we're here already.

This little guy jumped in my cart at Marshall's when I was supposed to be shopping for athletic pants (guess who doesn't want to wear jeans this fall?).  He was so cute and so cheap ($4.99) I couldn't pass him up.  Now, what to do with him?

Halloween dinner and a story.  Mummy dogs and a great book!  The weird black looking stuff is barbecue sauce Justin put on his plate before I had a chance to snap the pic. :)

Career Day at Stallings.  Baseball player and Rock Star.

Practicing for the spiders we would later make at Carson's fall party.  Ritz crackers with peanut butter, raisins for eyes, and licorice for legs.

Breakfast for dinner--a Sunday night tradition.  Here's my Mickey Mouse shaped egg yolk.  Wish I could say I had a hand in making it this way, but that is just how the egg yolk formed.

Halloween Fun Run at Stallings Elementary.

Carson came in third place for Kindergarten.  He was SO proud!

 How was your week?

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