Friday, October 26, 2012


life rearranged

Our week in photos...

I had to send this pic to my dad.  I saw these on sale at AC Moore and knew they were right up his ally.  He loves organization (I come by it honestly) and little plastic boxes come in handy when you are an organizer.  He reminded me of a Cosby show where Claire put Cliff on "Appliance Probation" and told me he is headed down the road of being placed on "Little Plastic Box Probation," so the boxes were a no go.  Now, how could I use them?  I am sure that I need them for something.

Carson made this sweet note out of Trader Joe's Cinnamon Schoolbook Cookies.  Yummy!!!  We took a picture and sent it to him on his phone.

I thought I would try "What I Wore on Wednesday" this week.  I love Lindsay at The Pleated Poppy's idea of using a weekly post as motivation to get dressed each day, but I just felt silly taking pictures of myself.  I thought I'd be brave and include just this one.  Forgive the dirty mirror.  I guess some good did come out of my attempt to take pics of my outfit--my mirror got Windexed!

The Little Green Witch!  What a cute story.  I have to brag about Carson's Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Camp some more.  We LOVE her.  She sends home "book bags" with Carson with a fun book to read and extension ideas.  This week it is The Little Green Witch, by Barbara McGrath.  The book is a spin off of The Little Red Hen.  Instead of making bread, the main character in the story makes a pumpkin pie.  At the end, when the other characters want to help her eat the pie even though they didn't help make it, the witch turns them into little red hens!  So creative!  One of the extension activities is to make the characters.  So, here is Carson's witch.  After he made her, he decided to make the other characters so he added the ghost from the story.  Then he made a wand for the witch and the hen (out of his hand) that the witch turned the ghost into.   I love the creativity that Mrs. Camp is inspiring in Carson.  Our next project (which she called a "Super Extension" activity) is to write Little Blue R2D2.  Carson started it yesterday.  I thought I was going to write the sentences and he would draw the pictures, but before I knew it, he was halfway finished writing the story himself.  I love this newly discovered independence of his!
And here's the Little Green Witch, just hanging out on our kitchen bulletin board.  This bulletin board is one of the best things we have done in our house.  When the boys have something they are proud of, they pin it to this board that hangs right by our kitchen table.  It is just a simple cork board covered in fabric that matches the colors in our living area.  And it hangs low enough so the boys can reach it.   More to come next week on displaying kids' work...

My ninja and his brother.  We are in the Party City dressing room here, making sure the ninja's costume fits.  Like a glove, it did.  Cuties.

And this would be why we cannot find things in the morning when we are rushing around trying not to be late for school!  How did he even get his shoes in there?  And why?  I'll never understand the mind of a boy.

Yummy pumpkin-shaped spotted money sandwich.  Carson's fav.

So, that's our week in pics.  How was yours?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I've been thinking a lot about perspective lately.  It is so easy to get bogged down with the busyness of life.  I look around my house and all I see are things I need to do.  I need to fold that basket of laundry, vacuum the bits of dog biscuits off my carpet, clean up the dishes in the sink.  I need to recycle the boxes left in a pile on the floor after Carson excitedly ripped open his presents on his birthday, and put his new Lego sets away.  I compare my house to that of others.  Her counters are never as cluttered as mine, and I never see stacks of papers on her desk.

What I've decided I need is a bit of a reality check.  A bit of PERSPECTIVE.  When I started looking at the "messes" around my house, and appreciating where they came from and why they are there, it was as if I was seeing everything with new eyes, and my heart began to soften.  Instead of feeling anxiety in my chest, and feeling overwhelmed by all the things that had yet to be taken care of, I became thankful for what is left in the wake of our busy life.

As silly as it sounds, seeing the basket of laundry on the floor, needing to be folded, became a reminder of the fact that we are blessed enough to buy clothes for our family, and to have a washer and dryer that cleans and dries them in less than two hours.

I am thankful for my sweet Summer, who comes in from the backyard, happy to see me, tongue ready to give kisses, and tail wagging, eager to receive her bone and go chew it up in our den.  She has brought endless fun to our family, and instead of seeing those pieces of dog bone as a chore, I remind myself she is such a wonderful part of our family, and we all love her.  Life wouldn't be nearly as exciting without her furry little self.

The dishes in the sink are a reminder of family time.  I am grateful that my husband sees extreme value in me staying home with our children, and that I can eat breakfast with my children every morning, without rushing around to get myself ready.

The pile of boxes and Lego sets is a no brainer.  My little boy is one year older, and we celebrated!  I thank God EVERY DAY for my sweet Carson (and Jonah, of course), and birthdays are such a powerful reminder of what a great gift my children are to me and Justin.

So, there it is.  Perspective.  I got some.  And I intend to keep it.  How have you gained perspective in your life?