Friday, September 21, 2012

Finally Friday

I woke up this morning feeling totally exhausted.  And while there is a very good reason for my extreme tiredness (after all, I am growing a human being inside myself right now), I did not want to start my day, at 6:15 am, feeling at the end of my rope.  So, I decided today is a good day to celebrate all the awesome things that have happened this week.  And there are a few...
Perhaps the most exciting thing that happened this week is the boys saw Baby Bruce move.  Carson was giving me a check up and listening to my belly with the stethoscope when Bruce started moving around like crazy.  Not only did Carson and Jonah get to feel him moving, they saw my tummy jumping around around as Bruce did back flips in there.  They thought it was awesome...and the experience made the whole baby in the belly thing a little more real to them.  Yikes!
 I cleaned out Jonah's closet.  It was a long and laborious process (and I still have to go through his hanging clothes), but at least I can walk in here now!
 I walked a little one back to his room twice a night, the whole week long, and he still managed to find his way into Jonah's bed at least two out of the five nights.  Jonah is such a good, protective, big brother.
 I saw my two little guys out the door each morning.  Today, they wanted to wear football jerseys to school.  We laughed about how reflective they are in their LL Bean bookbags.  Fancy!
 This is Munchie.  Munchie went to have a haircut with me.  He also went to the grocery store with me.  AND I received a text from Mrs. Camp, Carson's teacher (THE BEST Kindergarten teacher there is) to make sure I was taking good care of Munchie.  This is the picture I sent her.  Munchie peeking out of my purse.  (Carson and I made Munchie out of felt.  He is a caterpillar who velcros to a butterfly (two separate pieces), and can fold into a chrysallis to go through his metamorphosis.  Carson and I were playing with him this morning and Jonah said, "Hey, Mommy, that's really cool!"  I guess my kids do appreciate my attempt at craftiness sometimes.)  

The idea for Munchie came out of a Big Backyard (National Wildlife Federation for kids) magazine.  Follow the link to make your own.
 Here is the text I received back from Mrs. Camp.  Did I mention how AWESOME she is???
 Yum.  Part of my lunch.  A banana covered with Cinnamon Raisin Swirl peanut butter.  This is not your ordinary peanut butter.  You gotta try it.  Thanks, Amber, for introducing me.  This is one of my all time favorite snacks now!!!
 BTW, the only place I have found it is Harris Teeter.  They have other flavors but I have not tried any of them.  If you have, let me know, OK?
And, last but not least, I finished this book!  EXCELLENT book.  Justin will be so glad to know I have finished it because now we can finally trade!  He read Greater, by Pastor Furtick, and I read Soul Detox, by Pastor Craig Groeschel.  I highly recommend this book, and Justin has had so many great things to say about Greater.  Can't wait to start it!
 And this is what we did with our early release day.  Stallings Park Splash Pad!  This was our first visit to the park since they remodeled it and it did not disappoint!  An added bonus is that we saw some of Jonah and Carson's friends from school and the kids had a blast playing together!
 And the perfect way to end a perfect day at the park is with a Frosty from Wendy's.  Yum.  Not sure why I spend lots of money at fancy yogurt places when I can treat myself and the boys to these tasty treats for $2.82.

And that's my Friday.  How's yours been?

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