Friday, August 17, 2012

Happy Birthday, Summer!

Birthday Party for Summer 

Summer's 12th Birthday


Today we celebrated Summer's 12th birthday!  We threw a doggie birthday party for her and she had so much fun!!!  So did we. :)

First we had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches shaped like dog bones.  We wore party hats and the boys decorated the front door with "Happy Birthday, Summer!" signs.

We sang Happy Birthday to Summer, before enjoying our sweet treat--Double Stuff Oreos.  Yum.

Then we made dog bone doggie biscuits for Summer.  Simple Simon's Birthday Bones, to be exact.  It was fun and Summer loves them too.  In fact, they smelled so delicious, we wanted to try them!  But we held back.

We wrapped up our party with a game of "Pin the Bandana on Summer." 

Summer is a lucky dog!!!


Monday, August 13, 2012

Mantle Update

A few years ago, Justin decided he wanted to decorate with some black and white pictures taken over the years.  So we chose four, enlarged them, and hung them neatly over the mantle.  I still love how they look, but it has been hard for me to envision anything else on the mantle that would compliment and not take away from the photographs hanging above.

Then, Justin and I had a date night while at the beach, and found ourselves in Anthropologie, one of my favorite stores.  We went in, "just looking," only planning to purchase a mug I'd had my eye on.  We had already paid for the mug and were on our way out when we saw this beautiful glass jar.  It caught my eye, and I remember Justin saying he wanted a creative way to display the shells we have collected over the years.  He is always sad that we come home from the beach with such pretty shells, and then stuff them in a drawer instead of displaying them proudly.                           

So we ended up with this!  I looked on the website to see if I could figure out what the original intention of the piece was--candle holder? terrarium?  I wasn't quite sure, and I didn't even find it on their website.  We decided it was the perfect way to display our shells and other found beach objects.  I am so mad at myself for throwing away a stash of pretty coral Justin brought home from Hawaii last year.  I was in one of my rare cleaning out moods, and didn't see the point in saving something that was just taking up space in my drawer.  However, now we have an excuse to travel back to Hawaii for some more coral! :) And we have a place to display it.  So, my plan for the jar is to place an index card below the glass part (it is actually two parts--the pottery base and glass jar above) containing information about the shells and where they were found.  For example, the sand dollar seen here was found by Justin at the Outer Banks on a trip we took soon before Carson was born, and the olive shells were found this summer by me and Justin at Myrtle Beach.  It is neat to think how this jar full of shells will end up holding memories of some of our favorite times.                         

This is a view from above.  I have to admit the starfish was purchased, not found at the beach.  I decided the jar needed a little more dimension and the starfish was the perfect thing to get that look going.  Justin wants to go another step and take a picture of us at each place the shells are found and make a little book.  We'll see how that goes!  I think it is a great idea.  We even got to turn this project into a learning experience for the boys.  My dad had sent a mini-page (from the News and Observer) about seashells the week before, so we read it and talked about the purpose of a shell--offering protection to sea animals with soft bodies.  I learned a few new things too.  Did you know the giant clam can weigh as much as 500 pounds?  Now, that is a shell I would like to find.

So, here it is, on the mantle.  I love the way it looks, but still feel like there is something missing.  I am on the lookout for more art to add, but in the meantime, am enjoying looking at the shells we have found so far, and reliving the memories.