Thursday, July 12, 2012

I love doing Insta-Friday, but I am not the best at following the rules.  This time I'm going to be good.  The creator of Insta-Friday simply asks that anyone who borrows her idea, view other people's Insta-Fridays and make a comment on their page.  This summer has been so busy, I haven't even had a chance to look at my favorite blogs.  But today, I am determined to make that happen.  So here goes, my fav phone pics of the week...

Our church is doing a fun summer series for the kids.  They watch a clip of a movie and use it to discuss how the characters demonstrate unity.  Then we get a fun take home sheet with a verse to memorize, discussion questions pertaining to the movie, and a snack to make.  This past Sunday it was Toy Story 3 and Carson made Mr. Potato head out of Cocoa Krispies (can't believe I bought a box of that cereal), Twizzlers (my favorite), and gumdrops.  It was a fun, and tasty activity.

This pic is actually from a few weeks ago, but I had to include it because it is just so cute.  My little baseball player, in his white uniform.  By the way, what (ahem) MAN decided it was a good idea to make seven-year old BOYS, who slide even when they do not have to, wear white pants??????????  Let's just say, after two tournaments, those pants are no longer white. But he certainly does look handsome.

We were lucky to have a visit from one of the boys' best friends, Tyler, this week.  It was fun to watch them go from making a pulley system with yarn and a basket going up the stairs, to swimming in the pool, to playing doctor, to making cars out of Car Designer, to having Nerf gun battles.  They never stopped.  My boys slept well that night!

Playdough.  How is it that boys, young and old, can sit at the counter and become completely absorbed in the stuff?  I was making dinner the other night and Carson begged to play with playdough.  Justin got it out and I did not hear a peep from Carson and Jonah for about 10 minutes.  Sometimes it is worth the mess to have a little peace.
Studious Jonah.  One of his buddies, Tait, is going on a mission trip to Mexico this week.  Jonah wanted to let him know he would be praying for him and couldn't wait to hear all about his trip, so he wrote him a letter.  Now Jonah is asking about when his first mission trip will be.  Something to think about...
In any ordinary house, this would be a frightening figure to bump into.  But, here in the Karkow abode, this is a normal sighting.  Robed Harry Potter, aka Carson.

This graph wearing a pair of legs and being held by Carson was the boys' idea, and I decided it would help me out as well.  I have been particularly forgetful of birthdays this year, and the boys thought it would be fun to make a chart to show the months in which family members were born.  Carson's prechool teacher, Mrs. Owens, would be very honored to know she made the graph!  

I has been a fun and very busy week, and I am so ready for the weekend!!!

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