Thursday, May 3, 2012


life rearranged

 The Qwirkle-ator.  This child is unstoppable.  Seriously.  I cannot beat him.  
But I'm having fun trying!
 Even though Justin will probably kill me for putting this picture on my blog, I just couldn't help myself.  Like father, like son.  Carson moved a little right as I snapped the pic, but they were sleeping exactly the same--is that relaxed or what?
Snack time!  Pears, apples, grapes, carrots, cheese sticks, and crackers.  And would you believe there were no complaints about the healthiness of this snack?
 I've always made sure to have paper and pencils around where the boys can access them easily.  They have a table in the den that is always stocked with scrap paper, construction paper, crayons, scissors, and sticky notes.  Carson was having a play date with his buddy Jackson the other day when I came in the room to find he had gotten a snack for himself and Jackson.  And just to make sure they didn't mix up their drinks, Carson labeled their cups.  You'll see this one is Jackson's and...
this one is Carson's.  I love how he is taking initiative to be independent these days.  My big boy.
We took Emily and Griffin to Sweet Frog, our new favorite frozen yogurt place.  Yum.

Time for Emily and Griffin to go.  This was a sad day.  But it is so much easier to say goodbye now that Emily and her family live on the same side of the country as we do.
And my favorite line from the week...

After I told Carson he was a sweet boy, he said, "You're a sweet girl.  And you're nice.  And pretty.  And I love you."

I think I'll keep him.