Thursday, April 5, 2012

My iPhone Timer and Alarm

What would I do without it???

You know how sometimes you just want to do what you want to do? I was having one of those moments this morning. After a visit from the dreaded stomach bug, worrying and worrying (and still worrying) that siblings and cousins and grandmas and mommies would get it, I wanted to check out for a while. So I decided to work on the puzzle Jonah and I have been working on since his bus arrival time became unpredictable. Even though I have loads of laundry to fold, and bathrooms to scrub, and bills to pay. Checking out sounds good.

So I set the timer on my phone for 10 minutes, 'cause I tend to get carried away when I am "checking out," and I actually do need to get a thing or two done before my little Carson gets up.

As I was plugging away at the puzzle, my alarm went off to remind me to put drops in. It used to go off four times a day, but now we are down to three. Next week, it will be two, and then finally just one drop until I can ween myself totally off the antibiotic drop I have been using since my PRK surgery. My doctor assured me one of the reasons for my blurry vision is this drop. He said it is kind of a Catch 22 because I need the drop for the healing process, but it can also blur my vision.

Then at 9:00, my alarm reminded me to smile. The boys were playing with Siri while we waited in the orthopedic office with Justin. So, on one of the rare occasions they've asked Siri to do something and she actually complied, they set up my phone to remind me every day at 9 am to smile. And like clockwork, at 9 am, a smile spreads across my face.

Anyway, it occurred to me just how much I use the timer/alarm on my phone. Let me count the ways...

1. As a countdown for my kids: You know how kids have no concept of time? It's because we tell them, "I'll be there in a minute, sweetie," when we really mean 10. So, when I tell my kids I need just two more minutes to clean up the kitchen and then I will play with them, I set my timer. And when the timer goes off, I stop what I am doing and play.

2. As a reminder...for things I CANNOT SEEM TO REMEMBER TO DO!!! I have been promising my third graders that I will bring my Hawaii photo album to school. I created the album through We read a book about volcanoes that mentioned black sand and I told them I had a picture of myself at a black sand beach in Hawaii. So, I set my phone for the most obnoxious ring tone to go off at 7 pm, a time I thought I'd have a chance to grab the book. I didn't think about the fact that I'd be at my tap lesson at 7 pm. Finally one of the girls mentioned she kept hearing a doorbell. Ms. Paula went to see who was ringing the bell incessantly, and when no one was, asked, "Could it be someone's phone?" Oops. I remembered the photo album though.

3. In the laundry room to prevent high-waters: Justin and I dry our pants for only 10-15 minutes, otherwise, they shrink. I guess it's a curse of being tall. So, when my timer goes off, I run to the laundry room, take out our pants and hang them on a drying rack.I LOVE this drying rack I got at Costco last year. It fits right in this nook in our laundry room, and holds lots of wet laundry.

4. For Jonah to read his 15 minutes for school (which usually leads to an hour of reading). It's funny how I often have to coax Jonah into reading, but once he gets started, I can hardly get him to stop. Last night, I had to promise I would read more to him while he ate breakfast so he'd close "The Jaguar's Jewels," and get some sleep! If you haven't checked out the A-Z Mysteries, by Ron Roy, you should. I've also heard the author came up with another series called The Calendar Mysteries. We haven't read any of those yet, but I am excited to know that when we get to Z there will be a whole other series waiting for us!


5. For timeout...
need I say more?

How do YOU use your timer?

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