Wednesday, February 1, 2012


This is Tim. Carson gave Tim to Justin this morning before we got in the car to go to preschool. Notice that Tim has some light sabers, I mean crutches, to help him on his way. Since Justin had surgery on Monday and has been hobbling around on crutches, I think Tim might be empathizing a little...

Tim has been with us for some time now. He has been rescued from parking lots, dryers, and vacuum cleaners. He's had body parts amputated more times than I can remember. But he still lives on. Tim wears pjs and suits. He has many different occupations, from firefighter, to doctor, to professional soccer player. Tim even made it into Carson's ABC book. Let's just say whatever is going on in our lives, Tim is along for the ride.
Thanks for getting us through the day, little Tim. You rock.

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