Friday, February 3, 2012


life rearranged
InstaFriday time again! I'm linking up with Jeannett, and this time I'm following her rules of commenting on two other instagrammers' photos. Check out her page if you want. :)
We went skiing in Boone last weekend. It was fun to be on my old stomping grounds. I taught skiing here at Appalachian Mountain when I was a senior in college. I'm so glad skiing is kind of like riding a bike. Once you learn, you always remember how to pick it back up. When we took Jonah skiing for the first time, I worked with him most of the day on the bunny slope. I had a hard time letting him go, afraid he'd hurt himself or someone else. So, this time we signed the boys up for a semi-private lesson. They learned the basics, and Justin and I had some time to do a few runs on our own.

Flat Stanley is enjoying Europe! Jonah's class did their Flat Stanley project just in time for Aunt Lauren and Uncle Smoak to take him with them to Europe. Here he is checking out the Berlin Wall. Uncle Smoak sent some history on the Berlin Wall so Jonah could learn about it. We're so lucky to have family who love helping us educate our little guys. Flat Stanley's twin will be traveling to Anchorage with Justin next month.
Ahoy, Matey! Jake, Drew, and Carson enjoyed playing pirates on one of our unseasonably warm afternoons this week. They are a hoot, I tell you.

And, as for the "Carson-ism" of the week...sometimes I actually say things that crack my children up. And lately, when I do Carson says, "That's a good one, Mommy." Music to my ears.

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