Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Faith Like a Child

What is it like to really have faith like a child? I have thought about this so many times over the course of this year. And I think about it most often when I am with my children. They inspire me to be faithful.

Carson and I pray every morning on the way to preschool. On the rare occasion that my mind is wandering and I forget, he is eager to remind me that when we make the turn off Lawyers Road onto the road his school is on, it is time to turn off the music and pray. We have been praying in the car since Carson and Jonah started preschool when we first moved to Charlotte. For a long time, I was the only one who prayed. Then I started asking the boys to pray for us. There are no sweeter or more sincere prayers than the prayers of a child.

Last week Carson told me he wanted to pray. He started out by thanking God for the trees and flowers, and for his family. Then he asked God to help him be a good listener at school. He was praying quietly and I had to listen hard to hear him over the sound of the cars going by, but I was hanging on to his every word. I imagine that is how our heavenly Father listens to us when we pray, seeking out our voices in the midst of all the other distractions and chaos of our lives. And just as my eyes welled up with tears to hear my five year-old thanking his God for nature and asking for help throughout his day, I know God smiles upon me when I thank Him for the simple things around me, and trust in Him to guide my steps.

One day, as I was dropping Carson off at preschool, he asked, "Mommy, do you pray when you're on your way home?" Why don't I?, I thought. I had to be honest with him. No, I don't Carson. But I am going to start today.

Thank you, Jonah and Carson. You have taught me to have faith. Faith like a child.

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