Friday, January 20, 2012

life rearranged
...linking up my cell phone pics with jeannett again...

Carson and Jonah love reading together. Usually Jonah reads to Carson, but lately there's been a new reader in our house. The other night I asked Jonah to read with Carson while I was setting up the humidifier in Jonah's room. Carson decided he wanted to read to Jonah. Jonah was so patient with him and helped him with words and patterns. It was so cute to hear him saying, "Carson, -er ending always says er" and "Y at the end of a word usually says e." My little teacher! Carson is really excited that he can read.
Carson woke up the other morning and immediately headed to the playroom to build an elephant. Maybe he dreamed of elephants???

Carson and I were playing around with my phone and discovered we can hit a button that flips the camera around and we can view ourselves taking a picture of ourselves. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE MY IPHONE!!!?
Martin Luther King, Jr., by Carson. Enough said.

I love taking sleeping pictures. Carson is so peaceful in his sleep. Puppy, his lovey, always seems to find a comfy place nestled right up under his chin.

Sleeping Jonah....tongue out. When Jonah was a baby, Emily used to take his chubby little hand and try to push his tongue back into his mouth. I have about a hundred pictures of Jonah rounding third base, legs pumping, heading for home, with his tongue out in deep concentration.

And, here's Harry Potter himself. I considered trying to talk Carson out of drawing the scar on for school, but decided, "What's the point?" That's a battle I prefer not to choose. I am sure he will grow out of the Harry Potter scar, and when he does, I will probably miss it. His teachers aren't even phased by it anymore. This is a particularly good scar. :)

One more "Carson-ism" I have to share.
Yesterday we went to Costco and I bought Carson some chocolate ice cream which they put in a cup. We had to work together to put the middle seat down in the back so he had a cup holder for the ice cream. When we were finished putting it down, he said, "Working together makes really good sense, and it makes really good things happen."

Now that is profound.

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