Sunday, November 13, 2011

Playing With My Jonah

It stinks when my kids are sick. It seems like it has been one of those years where they have been sick often. I never want them to feel badly, but when they do, it reminds me of how much they still need me, even though they act all big and tough most of the time.

Monday Jonah felt rotten. He had a 104 degree fever, high for a seven-year old, and didn't feel like eating anything. He just wanted to lay on the couch. However, after three tv shows and a dose of Motrin, he was ready to play with his mommy. We played Nemo Go Fish. Total blast from the past. I remember the very first time we played Nemo Go Fish. In the kitchen of our old house in Raleigh, with Boompa and GG (my parents), Jersey GG (my grandma) and Jonah. He was so little, we had to let him lay his cards on the table in front of him. And since he had his cards laying out for all to see, we all laid our cards on the table. Interesting way to play Go Fish since we all knew what everyone else had, but Jonah loved it. We have played Nemo Go Fish countless times over the years, and still call the fish named "Bubbles," "Bubbly."

Then we went on to Toy Story Yahtzee, and finally Cars Uno. In the middle of Cars Uno, Jonah decided he was too tired and needed a rest so we took a break. It was so much fun to have uninterrupted time with Jonah.

A few hours later, he was up for playing again so we put a puzzle together--the way we have done puzzles since Jonah was very young. He sits at one end of the hall and I sit at the other end. I sort the pieces by "edge" and "middle" pieces, then start by "sending" him the edge pieces from the top. I send the top edge pieces, followed by the sides, and the bottom. We end with the middle pieces. I send two or three at a time. When I looked down the hall at my big Jonah concentrating so hard on putting a puzzle together he has completed at least a hundred times, I can still see his little face from years ago. Especially with his tongue sticking out. :)

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