Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Birthday, Carson!

It's that time again! Carson's birthday comes a week after Jonah's. I finished his book on time too. Woo, hoo! So happy to have them finished and to have enjoyed looking through them so many times already. Aunt Lauren and Uncle Smoak were here today and Carson sat on the bench with them and read through his whole book. It was such a sweet moment I couldn't even break away to grab my camera. Sometimes moments are better enjoyed through the naked eye, and not through the lens of a camera.

One of the best things about the ABC book is seeing the phase or stage of life my kids are in. For Carson, that is dressing up. This year every other page has Carson dressed up as something.
H is for Harry Potter
K is for Knight (Sir Carson) and Kaleidoscope (Chef Carson)O is for Outfits--my favorite outfit is one we finally found at Karousel Kids (consignment shop in downtown Matthews) after driving all over the Charlotte area. Carson insisted on having a suit so we could get married. In fact, earlier in the book, I is for I Do, for the day Carson and I got married. I actually wore a dress. I think I will cry on the day Carson tells me he is going to marry someone else.

This year is marked by the characters Carson has been, and also by the creativity that has gone into planning each of his outfits. Justin's favorites are surely the days when he insisted on dressing EXACTLY like his dad. I am kicking myself for not taking a picture the day the two of them came downstairs wearing Chicago Bears shirts, jeans with a hole in the left knee, and flip flops. I did manage to capture this one, though, on the day Carson decided he was going to work, just like his dad."P is for Prodigy" in both boys' books this year. I made a note in my journal on the day we heard Pastor Furtick preach on "The Prodigy in Me." I knew I wanted my boys to know that "there's a prodigy in everyone" (from sermon). The dictionary definition of prodigy is: a highly talented child or youth." I want Carson to know he is a "wonder" and a "sensation" (synonyms of prodigy) and he can be used by God in many ways. In his sermon series, Pastor Furtick also says, "The prodigy in me has to be devoted to God's purpose," and "In scripture, God chooses people to do His work, He doesn't need them, but He chooses them." Carson is an entertainer, and I know that sometimes his "entertaining" can get him into trouble. But I also know that he can use his love of entertaining in a positive way and that his wit and extroverted personality attract people's attention. I am excited to see how God will use Carson.

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