Monday, September 19, 2011

New Uses for "Old" Things

I love the magazine Real Simple, and one of my favorite articles is "New Uses for Old Things," where they give a fresh purpose to a household object. For example, a pillow case for dusting a ceiling fan, something I have yet to try, but it sounds like a great idea.

Well, my children have discovered new uses for the common sticky note. I guess I kind of started it, though.

On Friday, Carson learned about the letter "G" in preschool. I wanted a way to review what he had learned (and I also needed to hop in the shower, so I was looking for something to keep him out of trouble), so I printed the letter "G" on four sticky notes, and gave them to him. I asked him to walk around the house, and place the "G" sticky note on something that started with the sound /g/. By the time I was finished in the shower, he was so excited to show me all the things he found in the house that started with "G." When I asked him to show me, he said, "No, you have to find them." So it became a game for us. Here is what he found:

G is for green chair

G is for guitar

G is for gun (squirt gun, that is)

and my personal favorite...

G is for Griffin (too bad the sticky note is hiding his cuteness!)

I went to finish getting ready and by time I came back downstairs, there were sticky notes all over the house, including one on me! M is for Mommy, W is for wall, B is for bannister, B is for bed, M is for mouse (that's computer mouse), C is for counter, R is for refrigerator. The boys had gone crazy, "tagging" things with sticky notes. They had so much fun with a pad of stickies. It turned into a great rainy day activity. One to file away for later.

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