Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Game/Review Night (and Yummy Quesadillas)

Game/Review Night

Last Wednesday, we decided to review all the countries we have studied so far: Australia, Ghana, England, Mexico, and China. We also made Halloween-shaped quesadillas, a recipe I borrowed from "Handstand Kids" ( with a few variations. I guess you could say our meal was from the United States. :)

Carson helped me cut pumpkins, ghosts, and cats out of tortillas. Then I prepared the filling. Did you know you can "blend" chicken? I steamed some squash, then tossed it into the blender. I added some grilled chicken, cut into very small pieces, and blended it all together. Then I spread some of the mixture on a piece of tortilla, added some cheese and cooked it in a frying pan. It turned out very yummy, and both boys ate well.

After dinner, we plated games from some of the countries we have studied. We played "Bounce Eye" from Australia, a marble game; "Ampe" from Ghana (like Odds and Evens in the US); and "Challenge" from China --by far the game requiring the most brainpower--go figure.

Then it was time for Bingo. Before the game, we reviewed each country and made sure we remembered where they are on the map. We used candy corn as markers and when we were finished, the boys ate the candy. I was very proud of them for remembering so much about each country. The game ended in a tie, so everyone was happy.

Next week, we are off to Brazil!

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