Monday, September 19, 2011


Something happened today that made me so happy. Carson and I were at the library and we looked up to see a banner of flags hanging across the ceiling. He said, "Mommy, why don't they have the Ghana flag?" Then he started naming the other flags he recognized: Australia, USA, Mexico. I was so proud of him! What we are doing each week really is making a difference!

Last week we studied China. We had Kung Pao Chicken, thanks to my good friend, Jenna Hall, who passed along the recipe from her "All You" magazine. She has really made me interested in "All You." It even has coupons! I may need to look into a subscription.

I realized I need to plan our "Worldly Wednesday" meals around when Justin is going to be home to help me eat them! This was another one that was delicious to me, but the boys didn't love. Jonah ate the chicken and noodles well, and Carson only ate his noodles. If I make it again (which I probably will because Justin LOVED the leftovers), I will add the broccoli toward the end so it does not end up mushy. We like our veggies crisp.

Of course we had fortune cookies for dessert. Then we watched a video about China. The Union West Regional Library has a great selection of videos about various countries. The boys were surprised to learn about China's one child rule, and the fact that most children go to school until 5 pm and may have as many as 58 kids in their class. When I visited Jonah's class the next day, I saw that he had written about China in Writer's Workshop. He was most impressed by the fact that the children all wash their feet before going to bed--that sounds like something we may want to start doing! :)

I did a really poor job of taking pictures this week! Busy week with school and sports. I will do better next week. We will be reviewing and discussing our favorite meals and fun facts from the countries we have studied so far. Maybe with a BINGO game? Still working this one out...

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