Monday, August 29, 2011

Bangers and Mash, Baby

Last Wednesday, Jonah picked England, part of the United Kingdom. Maybe this had something to do with the fact he is obsessed with Harry Potter and is halfway through the second book already. By the way, it is SO much fun to be reading the series again, with my little boy this time! He is loving it as much as Justin and I did.

So, I decided to make Bangers and Mash, and that was a delicious dish! How can you go wrong with sausage and mashed potatoes? I followed a recipe from

Check out the reviews. It was yummy, but some of the additions other cooks made would make it even more flavorful!

We read several books from the library, but I was disappointed since they were mostly about the history of England, and not enough about present day England. So, my wonderful hubby hooked us up with a link to Discovery Education where there are several short videos about countries and a large interactive map. The boys really enjoyed the videos and learned a lot. They were particularly interested in the deadly fog of 1959 when 4,000 people lost their lives--odd that the fog was what they remembered when I asked them what they learned about England. They were also walking around saying, "If you talk like this, you're an English person," with pretty good English accents.

We made placemats for Worldly Wednesday. Each week we will add the flag of the country we are studying. When we fill up the paper we will laminate it. I am working on providing a link to the Word document where I have copies of the flags.

Then we updated our chart and Carson picked the next country--Mexico! Should be pretty easy to come up with a meal for that one!

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