Thursday, July 14, 2011

Math Lesson of the Day

Well, I started out the summer trying to squeeze in some reading, writing, and math at least every other day, in the form of sitting at the kitchen table, notebook and pencil in hand. This morning, Jonah and I stumbled across an easier, and much more fun way of fitting in some practical math.

The boys finally talked me into Bey Blades, little spinning toys all their friends in the neighborhood have. They used their allowance money to buy spinners, but did not have enough money to purchase the "stadium" that holds the spinner while they battle each other. I promised them that they could buy the stadium with allowance money if they saved for another month. They have been quite content to spin their spinners in a plastic container, but they keep telling me the spinners bounce off the walls too much, and a stadium would help them spin longer, the object of the game.

So, this morning I came up with a plan to help them buy their stadium faster, and to help Jonah and Carson understand the value of clipping coupons. I gave Jonah a stack of coupons and let him go to town, clipping coupons for things we buy. I told him he could keep the money he saved us at the grocery store. As he cut, he added the savings in his head, until he came up with a $9.60 savings. I am totally impressed with what that kid can add in his head! Now, we are off to the grocery store, and then to Target for the stadium they earned!