Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Getting Ready for Earth Day

We met with our learning group today to learn more about how we can better take care of the Earth in honor of Earth Day at the end of this month. We read "Earth Day Puppy," by Elizabeth Van Houten, and brainstormed ways we can keep the Earth clean and conserve valuable resources. Then we went for a walk in our neighborhood and picked up trash. It was an especially good week to pick up trash because we had a big storm at the beginning of the week that blew trash and recycling all over the street. After the walk, the kids sorted what we picked up into the trash can and recycling bins. I couldn't help feeling proud of our boys as they raced around, yelling, "I found garbage!!!" It was great to see them so enthusiastic about cleaning up their neighborhood. We walked for almost thirty minutes and never heard one complaint about being tired. Our boys are such troopers. It was fun to be able to teach the boys a valuable life lesson, and I look forward to seeing them conserving water, recycling, and picking up litter on their own.

Our learning group is comprised of me, Carson and Jonah; my good friend, Stacie, and her boys, Caleb and Jalen. We started this group in the fall of 2010, when we decided we wanted to challenge our kids to learn more through cooperative groups and hands on learning projects.


  1. Sounds like a great book! The kids look like they are having fun! Blog looks great!!

  2. We had such a good time. It's such a blessing that our boys enjoy playing and learning together. I hope that they continue to grow closer in friendship just as you and I have done. I appreciate our time and our friendship.