Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bouncing Around With Boggle

Tuesday Jonah had strep throat...again, so I did my best to keep him and Carson entertained. After a morning of visiting the library (bet you can't guess what kind of books Carson chose), grocery shopping, and a bike ride, we decided we needed to do a little schoolwork. So, we headed out to the front yard and got out the chalk.

Jonah and Carson love to watch Family Game Night and I admit that I've even gotten into it a little. Even though it is cheesy at times, the games they play can be educational, and it is cute to listen to the boys cheer for their favorite team.

We drew a grid and put a letter in each box. Then we played "Boggle" like they do on Family Game Night. We would find a word we could spell, say the word, hop on the letters to spell the word, and then say the word again. We decided to compete with each other, and Carson even joined in, spelling words such as "in, of, and cat." I made sure to put some letters together so that he would find the words easily. We kept the score with tallies, so we even snuck a little bit of math in there. Jonah really enjoyed this game and I think Carson got a lot out of it too.

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